A Valentine's Guide #4 - dressing up for the occasion

Valentine's Day may be one of the few days that you get to go out and dress up or just another evening in your busy social life, but either way you want to be looking fine. Remember that we have a huge selection of fashion and accessories available to shop at #44 Stanley

Black Coffee has a wonderful selection of statement pieces and evening wear. Candice McKay from Wyatt Hair is right on point using this piece in her new collection, The Brave.

Lucky Fish stocks the amazing Adele Dejak jewellery range - we've got our eye on one of these rings - aren't they gorgeous?

Guillotine Design's separates and dresses are fashionable and wearable and can be dressed up or down. Why not accessorise them with a L'MAD scarf (literally a wearable work of art).  

We haven't forgotten the men. Dressing up is made easy with suiting and great clothes from Odrin. We don't know if your Valentine's evening will be smart enough to justify wearing a tux, but if it is, we say "Go for it!". 

A piece of statement Pichulik jewellery will finish off any outfit and make you feel like the beautiful, powerful woman you are.

Do you want to wear classic evening dress? You'll be able to find something simple, elegant and just what you're looking for at Lunar