Are you wanting to use 44 Stanley as a location for a personal shoot or for commercial purposes?

Remember that while we love that you think our spot is as pretty as we do, we do need to prioritise visitors to the centre as well as tenants who are trying to sell stuff.


Please read our policy guidelines below:

FOR PERSONAL PURPOSES (e.g. engagement photos, family pics, matric dance, personal social media)

  • There will be no charge for 2 or less people up to an hour (sign in required with 24-7 security)

  • For more than 2 people, including the photographer/videographer, you are required to book ahead of time and pay R300 per hour. This can be done here.

FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES (e.g. blog, product shoot, editorial, filming of advert)

Please complete form here and we will revert with location fee and approval process.